Insuring a Hybrid Vehicle

This post is a guest blog written by Travis Overby.

Due to environmental concerns and the rising cost of fuel, more people are looking to buy or lease fuel-efficient vehicles. In recent years, the sales of hybrid vehicles have grown in leaps and bounds. Not only do hybrid vehicles decrease the amount of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere and reduce our dependence of fossil fuels, but they can save consumers a lot of money on their auto insurance.

More insurance companies are now offering auto insurance discounts to people who own hybrid vehicles. The discount can be as much as 10% or more depending on the particular insurance provider’s policy. Offering an insurance discount is not only an incentive for buying a ‘greener’ vehicle, but research has shown that people who buy hybrids tend to be more responsible drivers which puts them in a lower risk category. People deemed to be low risk drivers will pay lower premiums. These drivers tend to have better driving records as well as a better credit rating which are factors that contribute to a lower insurance rate.

As with insuring any type of vehicle, hybrid owners should also take the appropriate measures to lower their insurance rates. For instance, installing anti-theft devices, taking a drivers training program, installing safety devices such as air bags, maintaining a good credit rating, maintaining low mileage, and keeping high risk drivers off the insurance policy, are all effective ways a driver can get a lower insurance rate.

Because the costs of insurance will vary among insurance providers, when searching for insurance for a hybrid, it is important to comparison shop for cheap hybrid car insurance quotes. There are insurance information websites that offer an insurance quote search tool that gives people the ability to receive a number of different insurance quotes from different providers at the same time. They can read through each quote and select the cheapest policy that meets their particular insurance needs.

When searching for a hybrid car, it is important to take advantage of any tax saving credit offers. As well, to be truly environmentally conscious, check the ‘green’ rating for a particular hybrid car. By taking the time to do your research, you will better be able to get the lowest possible price for insuring your hybrid.

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