Green Electric Hybrid Vehicle

In this day and age, especially with cities becoming so clogged with buildings, homes and people, having a vehicle is a necessity. Being able to get around is difficult without some method of transportation, and for that reason, it has become quite common for people to have at least one vehicle, if not two or three. The average household has at least one vehicle, and some families have numerous to accommodate teen children and multiple families living in the same home. While there are numerous opportunities to go green by leaving the vehicle at home in favor of public transportation, carpooling, bike riding and other greener, more eco friendly options, most people are still on the road in their gas guzzling, emissions causing vehicles, stuck in stop and go traffic and wondering why they can't get anywhere.

There are solutions for those people who feel that they absolutely must have a car. There are numerous different types of green or eco friendly vehicle options that are well worth considering if you are looking to increase your efficiency capabilities while significantly decreasing emissions that your vehicle is putting out. Hybrid vehicles are vehicles that use a combination of two or more different and distinct power sources as a means for powering and propelling the vehicle. Some of the potential power sources that can be utilized by green hybrid vehicles include but are not limited to the following:

- On board or out board rechargeable energy storage systems, also commonly referred to RESS.

- Gasoline

- Hydrogen

- Compressed Air

- Human Powered Hybrid, using rowing or pedaling for example

- Wind Power

- Compressed Natural Gas

- Liquid Natural Gas

- Solar Power

- Coal

- Wood

- Other Combustibles

The Hybrid vehicle term most commonly refers specifically to HEV vehicles, or Hybrid Electric vehicles, which include a combination between internal combustion engines and electrical motors.

By driving a hybrid, you can significantly cut down on the emissions that your vehicle is putting out, while increasing efficiency while driving. There are numerous benefits for why you should drive a hybrid electric vehicle or another type of hybrid vehicle, especially when the technology that is being utilized is environmentally friendly and cuts down on harmful emissions in the air. Because traditional vehicles are ineffective in numerous situations, including idling and stop and go traffic, purchasing and driving an efficient green hybrid electric vehicle is an excellent way to change up the way you drive, and to make your transit much more efficient and more environmentally friendly in the long run.

In the grand scheme of things, the number of harmful vehicles out there is too innumerable to count. But every time a traditional vehicle is taken off the road in favor of a green hybrid, or another green vehicle, a big, positive change is made. These little differences can slowly add up, and every decrease in harmful emissions in the air is a godsend for out environment.

The number of reasons why driving a green hybrid or hybrid electric vehicle is best is a number that seems to be growing constantly. Here are some of the best reasons for why driving green is such an improvement not only to the environment, but also for you as well.

- They are much better on the environment, because they have a much lower amount of emissions, which means they are much gentler and are causing less harm by being on the road. If you don't want to sacrifice your car for a bus pass or a bicycle, buy a hybrid electric vehicle instead.

- They reduce our dependence on foreign oil and domestic oil by allowing us to use far less petroleum, plus many hybrid electric vehicles run on diesel which is much easier to produce, especially now that we are able to produce biodiesel from corn and even algae!

- Hybrid electric vehicles never have to be plugged into a wall socket, because they produce their own energy from numerous processes, including braking, by storing energy that is normally lost through heat in the batteries for future use.

- They get excellent gas mileage, which should be reason enough for why a hybrid electric vehicle or other green friendly vehicle is the best option to purchase. You will be saving significant money on gas, which will help your budget tremendously!

- Some governments offer tax breaks to people who buy these vehicles. You may find out that buying a hybrid electric vehicle or other green vehicle choice scores you a tax deduction at the end of the year. How's that for saving?

- They are extremely quiet. They are not nearly as noisy as traditional vehicles, making them excellent choices for quiet neighborhoods and quiet households.

- There are numerous HEV hybrid electric vehicle options available, including four cars, the Toyota Prius, the Honda Insight, the Civic and the Accord, two trucks, the GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado, and an SUV, the Ford Escape. This means no matter what you are looking for, there is a hybrid electric vehicle that can fit your needs and the needs of your growing family or business.

When you weigh all of the benefits associated with hybrid electric vehicles and other green vehicle options against the costs, hopefully you recognize that there are great benefits and not that many downsides. If you are looking for a way to increase productivity and efficiency while greatly reducing your carbon footprint and carbon emissions in the air, then buying green by driving a hybrid electric vehicle is absolutely the way to go.

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